Welcome To Wickwire Holm

We’ve been providing legal services to a wide variety of clients in a diverse array of sectors for more than 150 years. What makes us different is how we view the law. We take an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach that elevates the relationship between Wickwire Holm and our clients beyond legal counsel to trusted strategic advisors.

We believe that in-depth legal knowledge isn’t enough. It must be combined with a comprehensive understanding of how you operate, the landscape of the sector you operate in and where you fit within that environment.  Because the key to success isn’t only knowing your legal needs, it’s knowing you.

Our goal is to help clients operate at their best in a constantly changing and evolving business environment. How we do that isn’t complicated. We focus on straight talk, responsiveness, reliability and flexibility to meet your needs – no matter what industry or sector and no matter what size from local to global.